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Rhett Wiseman Section 8
Rhett Wiseman, “The Section 8 Guy”

About Rhett Wiseman— The Section 8 Guy

Rhett Wiseman, “The Section 8 Guy”, is a real estate investment professional and coach with over 10 years of experience in building diverse portfolios across the United States.

The Vanderbilt University grad has been in the industry working on large scale fix-and-flips before discovering the opportunity for high-yield returns through investing in Section 8 rental properties for over a decade.

During his time onboarding units of single-family rentals, small and large multifamily units, and apartment complexes, Rhett played professional baseball with the Washington Nationals and had a career that spanned seven seasons. By balancing his busy career in baseball while simultaneously managing his portfolios, Rhett learned first-hand about the many challenges of the real estate industry and sought out ways to consistently make processes more streamlined for replicable success.

In his role as a real estate investment coach, Rhett draws from his wins and failures alike to advise his clients on how they can form fruitful, lasting careers in real estate. Due to his expertise and experience, Rhett has come to be considered one of the US’s leaders in Section 8 real estate investing, having leveraged what he has learned to found successful coaching programs. Rhett currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Within the real estate investment space, Rhett has built a reputation for his extensive knowledge of comprehensive investment strategies and profound dedication to helping clients access opportunities through Section 8 portfolios. Rhett understands how daunting investments can feel to newcomers, so he utilizes his knowledge to help interested individuals create portfolios that are completely mistake-free while building skills that they can count on for the rest of their careers.

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Rhett Wiseman Section 8

For years, helping others along in their investment endeavors has been a passion of Rhett’s, who speaks to how it presents the unique opportunity to supplement one’s income, establish long term wealth, help others, and set oneself up for an early retirement.

Through informative, high-level insights drawn from Rhett’s Section 8 investment coaching experience, this website is a resource that will help readers:

Learn More About the Opportunities Available in Section 8 Investment

Rhett’s true passion is helping prospective investors learn more about the wealth of opportunities available to them through Section 8 investment. This is why future posts featured on this website will be geared towards providing readers with a clearer picture of the landscape and how they can access these opportunities themselves. If you are interested in learning about concepts such as Section 8 programs and affordable housing’s role in increasing homeownership and reducing the impact of the housing crisis, Section 8 as an income supplementer, and much more, this site has you covered!

Rhett Wiseman Section 8

Access Helpful Section 8 Investment Coaching Insights

Rhett Wiseman has used his platform as “The Section 8 Guy” for years to personally coach clients on every moving part that is involved in the world of Section 8 investment. Rhett provides access to his personal team of contractors, realtors, lenders, attorneys, property management companies, insurance companies, and more across 17 cities to break down the core concepts and processes involved in creating a winning portfolio. Utilizing Rhett’s expertise in the field, RhettWisemanSection8.com is a resource that aims to help prospective investors realize their goals, avoid common pitfalls, and make more informed decisions in their real estate investment endeavors.

The Section 8 Guy

Streamline the Home Buying and Refinancing Process

While Rhett specializes in Section 8 investment, he is incredibly knowledgeable on topics such as purchasing new homes and refinancing post interest rate drops as well. In today’s landscape, many people are interested in purchasing property, but remain unsure of how they can find and leverage available resources to help them. That being said, a major goal of this website is to include information that is invaluable to those that may be new to the homebuying process and empowers them to effectively refinance their properties. For more insights on purchasing property and the effective Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (B.R.R.R.R.) Strategy, be sure to tune in!

The Section 8 Guy

Keep Up with the Latest Real Estate Market Trends

Through Rhett’s real estate experience, he has learned a great deal about real estate market trends and how to analyze available knowledge to make the best investment decisions possible.

Interested in learning more about the real estate market through the lens of a professional with years of experience within the industry? If so, this site will provide insights geared towards helping you follow the rise and fall of interest rates, the evolution of the housing bubble in several key markets, ongoing market trends and changes, tips for those planning on buying a home within the next year, and more!

The Section 8 Guy

Interested in More Insights from Rhett Wiseman, the Section 8 Guy?

To Rhett, one of the most interesting things about real estate investment is that there is always more to learn about the space. Section 8 investment is continuously displaying its effectiveness as a means for any individuals to break into the industry and access the opportunities it has to offer. As such, more people than ever are interested in finding out what all the talk is about for themselves.

For more high-level, comprehensive insights based on Rhett’s coaching experiences, be sure to check out the blog!